What is Dining Delivered?

Dining Delivered is a locally owned and operated restaurant delivery service in Minnesota.  We offer delivery from nearly 100 local restaurants to your office in the Twin Cities Metro. In addition to delivery, our team is available to help with meal planning for multi day conferences, trainings and recurring meetings. We want to be your first call when it comes to food - we look forward to serving you!


What are your delivery fees?

Delivery fees vary based on your distance from the restaurant. Contact us to learn how we can help reduce your delivery costs. 


What is the minimum order size?

$75. If you would like to order multiple small orders for delivery at the same time, contact us at 763.512.1212 and we will help to coordinate your order.


What is the Service Charge?

As our client, service percentage is at your discretion with a minimum of 12% (typically 15 - 20%). The service charge goes to the company and is used to cover delivery expenses including driver wages, driver employment benefits, insurance and more. Your service charge also allows us to offer complimentary event planning and meal concierge services. 


How do the drivers get paid?

Our drivers are actual Dining Delivered employees. Our pay structure typically begins at $25.00 per hour, but most drivers make closer to $34.00 per hour. Our drivers provide outstanding service on all orders, large and small. To ensure this, driver compensation is not based on the dollar amount of the order but instead is built around the number of pickup and delivery locations serviced. The result: fabulous client service and drivers that are among the highest paid in the industry. 


What about drinks and beverages?

We offer Coca-Cola and Pepsi products, Pellegrino, LaCroix, bottled waters, juices, coffees and tea. If you want something special, just ask — we’re more than happy to accommodate requests.


Can I place a delivery order in advance?

Yes. In fact, you can place orders on our website up to a year in advance. We can also help coordinate your delivery orders up to one year in advance.  Please call our office to learn about complimentary concierge services.  


Do you keep record of past orders?

Yes, we keep all order records in your client file. Please call or email us if you need a copy.


How can I order food for multiple locations?

We can make the process easy. For the fastest service, please call our office at 763.512.1212 and we’ll help to coordinate all details over the phone while minimizing delivery fees.  


Can I store Multiple Delivery Addresses on my account? 

You can set up multiple delivery locations through our website. When you place your first online order, you will create an account with delivery information. With multiple locations, simply add additional addresses and delivery information within your account. All addresses will be stored for future use.  


How long will it take?

We ask for a minimum of two hours notice before any delivery. Some items and restaurants require more time. Weather, long food preparation time and peak hours all influence delivery times. When placing your order, you will be quoted an estimated delivery time. We will keep you informed of the progress in your delivery. More options will be available to you the more notice we have.


How will my food be transported?

Your order is transported in insulated food bags and cambros specifically designed to keep food at the required temperature. Dining Delivered Companies is a licensed food establishment in the City of Minnetonka. We take food safety and food quality very seriously.  


What if I want to add to my order?

For the most efficient service, please call our office at 763.512.1212 to modify your order. We will do everything we can to accommodate your requests.


What if I want to remove an item or cancel my order?

If we are able to cancel your order with the restaurant, we certainly will. Some orders may not be cancelled, and those orders will be billed to the client in full.  Please call 763.512.1212 and we will do everything we can to accommodate your requests.

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